Monday, September 7, 2015

Myrtle Beach Anniversary Trip

Matt came up with the idea to go on a trip each year for our anniversary instead of giving each other a gift that we probably won't remember later on.  This year, we went to Myrtle Beach and had the best time! I took my camera with us, as I do on mostly every trip, but guess how many pictures I took with it? ZERO. I ended up taking all of our pictures with my phone, which I'm not too upset about.  It was kind of nice not having to worry about carrying another camera with us, and it was just as easy to use our phones to take pictures.

Now that's been over a month since we went and I finally won a few battles with my laptop to get this blog up, here it is!

And so it begins...

This was waiting for us in the room when we got there. 
Translation: Matt had an entire bottle of Champagne all to himself.
(P.S. Thanks, Gabby, for the hookup! You rock! :)

Dinner our first night! Seafood buffet..
...and we definitely ate our money's worth in crab legs! haha

I know this picture is blurry, but I still kinda like it...oh well.

Even on vacation, my body couldn't help waking up early.  But with this view, I won't complain!
While I waited for Matt to get up, I would sit out on our balcony and read for a while, just listening to the waves.  It was so relaxing!

Matt out in the water..

Looking for shells:

Lunch at Margaritaville--probably my favorite meal from the whole trip!

This was one of THE most delicious drinks I've ever had!! A mango daiquiri...without alcohol, of course.

I had to get the Cheeseburger in Paradise, and it didn't disappoint!

Margaritaville is featured in the new Jurassic World movie, so they had a special Jurassic World menu.
Matt got the Indominus Rex Burger!  It smelled delicious, and since Matt's plate was clean afterwards, I'd say it tasted just as good!!

If you want to see more of the Jurassic World menu, you can find it here.

Walking around Broadway at the Beach.

Hanging out back at the room..

Matt's cousins own this great little place, Spanky's Pub House, so we planned to go there Saturday night!
We had great food: mac-n-cheese with bacon egg rolls (which were really great! I probably wouldn't have tried them elsewhere.), Matt had wings and I had nachos. Such a great, fun night!

More beach time:

Sunday night, we went to Pirates Voyage, which is dinner and a show.  It's located where the Dixie Stampede used to be, and has the same great food!!
I wasn't really sure what to expect, but it didn't disappoint! There were lots of acrobatics, competitions, and cute little sea lions and dogs!!


The set was awesome!

Loved riding around in the evenings..

Here's the back of our hotel (Hampton Inn, of course!! Special thanks to Gabby for helping us with our awesome reservations!! :)

Out on the balcony enjoying our last evening at the beach.

Matt's view..

Looking down from our room..

Another one Matt took.. I love how everything is lit up at night!!

We had a great view for fireworks!

Love this guy <3 p="">

As we were packing up to leave Monday morning, I suddenly realized I hadn't taken any pictures of the hotel itself! haha.
Here, we were waiting for the elevator, and THAT is our room door right there. It couldn't have been any more convenient!

This is when you get off the elevator on the "Pool" level.  Those doors go out to the parking deck, and we were parked literally right outside the door to the right! I'll say it again, it couldn't have been more convenient!

(As we discussed all weekend, those are Cintas mats at the door, haha)

And, just to show you HOW close, here's the view from the other side of those doors. The doors are on the right, of course, and then to the left is another beach/pool access.

Across from the doors to the parking deck are these doors that go out to all the pools and the beach.

Our hotel from the beach. We were in the tower on the right.

Love him <3 p="">

Here's our room...

This view never got old..

The lobby:

Time for breakfast! This was just one of the two eating areas.

This was our breakfast view everyday. Can't complain!!

Time to figure out where we'll go for anniversary #3!! :)

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