Thursday, August 18, 2016

Welcome Back!

Let's just say this blog post is WAY overdue. That's probably a huge understatement.

Last year was rough with blogging. I started out strong, and then as the year went on, the more tired I got, the busier I got, and the bigger I got! ha!

My last three blog posts were
1) Announcing that we were having a baby
2) Announcing that we were having a BOY
3) Our Myrtle Beach trip for our 2nd anniversary

I hope to get back into blogging like I used to. Since I skipped a year in my 25 Days of Christmas posts, I'm really hoping to bring that back this year! Plus, it will be even more fun to do with a 1 year old!! Yes, hard to believe that little one I was blogging about in those 2 posts last year will be 1 in less than 4 months! Time has just flown by!

Speaking of time flying by, I have SO enjoyed having the summer off again this year (I worked last summer, but have since had my contract changed)! The first part of the summer was so busy and we were on the go a lot.  We have had several river trips and long trips to North Carolina, which Marshall rocked like a champ! I have to say that the lazy days where I don't even leave the house have been the best! During these lazy days, I rediscovered my love for 7th Heaven, and lucky for me, they show 4 episodes each afternoon. I've loved catching up with the Camdens, haha!

We've now celebrated both mine and Matt's birthdays, taken on house projects that ended up being a lot more work than expected, and just enjoyed being home, honestly!

While I have loved all this time off, I'm really looking forward to the fall...even if that does mean I'll be back at work. I've always been excited for changing seasons and new holidays, so I can bring out new decorations and just change the feeling of the atmosphere here at home. I know that everything is going to be even more fun (and crazier) having a baby now! I can't wait for Marshall's first trip to the pumpkin patch, our first Halloween all dressed up together (wait til you see our costumes ;) and once we've done the whole Halloween thing, you know what that means....CHRISTMAS! I don't think I can be MORE excited for the Christmas season this year! And right at the beginning of December will be Marshall's birthday party (which I have already started working on!) and I CANNOT WAIT. I told Matt that I realize this party is more for me than Marshall, but I still hope to create some fun memories for him look back on ;)

Over the summer, I started a small new project, The Confetti Pot. I've made hand-punched confetti for several parties that I've thrown or helped with, and I think it just adds a fun pop of color to any table decorations. I opened my Etsy shop and I love coming up with different color schemes to use! To see more of my work, you can follow me here:

Instagram: @theconfettipot

And because I feel like I can get more done if I make a goals list, here are some things I'd like to do or get done.  No deadline, just sometime, hopefully sooner rather than later of course!

  • keeping making & selling confetti
  • take more pictures of Marshall with my actual camera, rather than always relying on my phone
  • take a Pure Barre class
  • work on my yoga postures more often (I started doing yoga after work once a week towards the end of last school year, and absolutely loved it!!!)
  • make a new header for my blog :)

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Lori Vann {VannClan5} said...

I am so excited that you are blogging again!