Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Longwood's Making Headlines!

The Longwood love I see all over Facebook today makes me so happy!

Everyone is SO excited about everything going on at Longwood and in Farmville today/this week, and it’s so fun seeing the pictures everyone is sharing.

Finding out that Longwood would be hosting the VP Debate today was awesome news!! Not many people know about Longwood, and how great of a school it is. You always hear the jokes about Longwood being in Farmville, VA. Yes, FARMVILLE. Don’t even try to make a joke about the Facebook game when you’re talking to a student, alum, faculty member or even Farmville resident, because trust me, we’ve heard them all! Ha! You can check out this article here or this article there to hear how Longwood was chosen to host this historical event. I’m so glad to that more people will know about Longwood now after this debate!

The Longwood University Facebook page has been sharing pictures of all of the set-up that’s leading up to tonight’s event. Campus looks INCREDIBLE. The same gym we'd watch LU basketball games in has been transformed into an amazing debate space. I would love to see it all in person! Back in August, Matt and I stopped by Longwood for a quick walk around campus, and we couldn’t believe the construction that was already in the works. It must be such a cool experience for those that are there to see everything and participate in all of the fun events they have planned.  And come on, who DOESN’T want a Longwood Debate Scarf?! The Longwood scarves will always be fun and special to Matt & me, as we used one in our engagement pictures, another in our wedding pictures, and even in pictures on our honeymoon! I hope they’re still making these scarves when Marshall is a Lancer ;)

I'm sure I've said this many times before, and I'll say it plenty more times in the future: I'm proud to be a Longwood alum!

Students Today. Alumni Tomorrow. Lancers Forever.

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