Monday, March 22, 2010


Well, I haven't taken many pics lately...And yes, I'm wondering how as well! I've just been so dang busy with school these past few weeks. It's been stressful...very stressful.

Last Tuesday (see, I'm way behind on posting these; it's been basically a week now!) I went to the Ferrum-Hampden Sydney baseball game. Matt's brother plays on the Ferrum team, and since Hampden Sydney is right down the road from Longwood, I thought it'd be fun to go! This is probably awful to say, but I enjoy sporting events more if I actually know someone I wasn't sure who to cheer for more: Ferrum? or Hampden Sydney? Hampden Sydney is our brother school; I know someone on the Ferrum team. I was stuck in the middle. However, I will say that I was wearing a Ferrum shirt.....and that's all I'm saying!

It was also perfect weather for the game!
This first picture was taken by my friend, Stephen, who also loves taking pictures. I was showing him the monkey tattoo that I had just gotten from my Fruit Roll Up. I really don't know where the monkey is though. It was for sure a monkey on the Fruit Roll Up, though.

The rest of these pics are a few that I took. We had bad seats: right behind home plate. Which, was good for a few pictures. But, those dang poles got in my way!! I did have fun (and get very frustrated) with the fencing. It allowed for some cool pictures, but the focusing drove me absolutely nuts. What do you think?


Nina Diane said...

I haven't been taking many pics either and it's driving me crazy. But I do have a photo shoot on 4/3 so I need to get out and practice! Great did good focusing on the "back"

Mallory said...

Thank you so much! It makes me really want to get out and practice more like that.