Tuesday, March 2, 2010

a bunch of random :)

So, I don't exactly have one specific thing to blog about today, so I just thought I'd write a few things that have been going on:

  • The other day, my Aunt Kandi emailed me saying that a coworker of hers had 2 daughters getting married this July and is looking for a photographer. Another coworker said to the first, "Have you seen the pictures of Gabby in Kandi's office? Her neice took them." Ok, main point of the story, Aunt Kandi emailed me saying that her coworker is interested in hiring me...FOR BOTH. Needless to say, I was ecstatic, but moreso, honored, that someone would want to hire ME. However, I'm also verrrrrrrry nervous and almost afraid to even commit. If those pictures don't turn out well or are ruined, then it's all my fault and those are moments you can never get back.
    So, if anyone has any advice or suggestions as I'm deciding to commit or not, they would be MUCH appreciated :)
  • I find out tomorrow afternoon if I got a position as an RA for next year. I will also find out my placement at the same time. I'm super duper nervous, and I really hope I get it!! I would have my own room next year! However, if I do get the position, I will have to come back to school early in August, and for the first time EVER, I will be at school on my birthday. haha.
  • I'm so over this cold weather. I don't want snow tonight, Unless it's so much that classes get canceled tomorrow. If it's not going to be that much, I hope it doesn't come at all! I want warm weather!!
  • Speaking of warm weather, Mom just told me that on Sunday the high is 60! YES! Even better, I'll be on Spring Break =) Now that is exciting! I don't really have any plans over Spring Break because both Abby and Matt are in school. blah :( But Abby and I are thinking of Cici's on Monday??? I'm also in the mood to do some crafts or something over break. I've been Googling (yes, these days, Google has been formed into a verb) for some but haven't quite found ones that I want to do. Any ideas?

That's all for now :)


Nina Diane said...

oh Mallory...that is awesome about the wedding. Let me know if you want to hire a 2nd shooter...you know I'm up for it. I turned down the wedding I was offered...but I am doing their engagement pics. I did learn of some great sites out there on the internet to help you so check em out...




Gabrielle said...

Mallory. Accept the wedding jobs. It's a GREAT opportunity for you!! It's like I told you before, you're soooo talented!! The way my pictures turned out wasn't you having a lucky day-it was your talent and ability to see your subject and know how to make them look good. Don't worry about messing up, you're not capable of taking a bad picture :)

Mallory said...

Thank you Aunt Diane and Gabby!

I can't wait to see the engagement pictures you take! I'm going to go check out those sites now..

And thanks for making me smile Gabby :) both last night and on this comment :)