Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Law Family Reunion

I’ve always loved going to our family reunions—that’s nothing new. It was when I found out that I almost wasn’t going to be able to go this year that I really realized how much I love it.

You see, my grandma, my dad’s mom, is the youngest of 13. THIRTEEN! And when all of them have kids, who have kids, who have kids (I think that accounts for everyone? Correct me if I’m wrong), the numbers add up quickly! This year is the 74th annual reunion. Crazy, huh? Mom, Dad, Abby and I have never missed a reunion, so when I found out that I couldn’t go this year, I was BUMMED OUT. Luckily, I had my dates wrong and I will definitely be there this year!

*I thought I was going to have to miss because, since I will be an RA next year, I have to come back to school about a week and a half before classes start for training. Can’t tell you how glad I was when Mom told me I had the dates wrong!!*

I just love family, that’s all there is to it. And I love BIG families. It’s just fun. There are so many people to talk to, hang out with and catch up with. And even though some people consider Facebook to be a bad thing (and when I got the virus from it, I did too), Facebook has given us all the opportunity to keep in touch and share photos, even when we’re not together for that one weekend every year.

On the Saturday of the reunion, this is otherwise known as: “The Stew.” Basically, a dinner consisting of yummy Brunswick stew and hamburgers/hotdogs and other foods. The Saturday dinner is for the 13 children of my grandma’s generation and their children, grandchildren, & great-grandchildren. On the Sunday, around lunch time, everyone from Saturday gathers again, along with cousins and extended family of the 13 children.

There are just so many things that I love about the reunion, it’s hard to name them all. But I will share a few that come to mind right now.

  • Staying at the Hampton Inn (as usual), and knowing that a lot of the people in the hotel are a part of the Law Family. And going along with that, knowing that, as I’m sitting downstairs eating the complimentary breakfast, I hear the elevator ‘ding’ and just KNOW that whoever steps out of the elevator will 9 times out of 10 be someone from out family.
  • The usual Wal-Mart school supply run. I don’t know why, but every year, Mom, Abby, and I, along with my Aunt Kandi, Gabrielle and Alison, go to Wal-Mart—which is right behind the hotel—to get our school supplies for the coming school year. I don’t really know why or how this got started. It’s just a tradition that has somehow continued on for so long! Haha.
  • Seeing all the new additions to the family! Whether it’s new girlfriends/boyfriends, husbands/wives or even tiny little babies, our family is constantly growing! And I’m not complaining one bit.
  • Taking Generation and Family pictures—It’s so crazy to see how many people are in ONE generation of the Law Family.
  • Food! What’s better than family talking and laughing together over a great meal? Oh right, nothing!
  • Sitting by the hotel pool on Saturday night, with just family hanging out. Then, the cousins walking over to Sonic to get dessert—after taking orders from the rest of the family.

These are just a few things that I love about going to the Law Family Reunion, and there are so many more. I can’t list them all—that would take entirely too long! But I hope you see why I love big families, and why I especially love MY family J

So, to any members of the Law Family who may be reading this: Can’t wait to see you all in August!!!!

This is a picture of my generation back in 2006. I'm near the a purple shirt and white skirt, peaking around my cousin Alison!

*The rest of the photos are from 2009*
This is my grandma's generation.

Here is my dad's generation...
Here is my generation....can you find me? Hint: I'm by my sister..who is easy to spot because she's way tanner than me and in bright yellow :-P
And here is the Pendleton family. Just to let you know, we're MUCH bigger. As there were other commitments, not all of us could be there.
Check back in August for pictures from this year's reunion!!


Gabrielle said...

i hope we'll be able to make it this year!! i miss going.

Nina Diane said...

Johnny and I will be there this year! You and I should go on a photo know all of those old barns and things around Cascade! We can ask Katie if she'll take us around

Katie said...

I love this Mal! Well have to go over schedules this year so we can hang out together! I miss seeing you guys! If you and Diana want to go take photo's I can take you to some places around Eden too! There are also some trails around my school that we could check out!
P.S. Will Matt be with you guys this year?