Tuesday, November 30, 2010

long drives.

This post was actually written the day before Thanksgiving. As I was working on it, I got frustrated with the pictures not working. I ended up leaving the house that evening, and for some reason never got back around to fixing it. Then Thanksgiving came, upon many other events, and I just never got around to posting it. However, it is very important that I post it today because tomorrow's post will be fabulous!

This will probably be the blog post with some of the worst pictures I’ve ever taken!
Why? Because they were taken on my phone….while I was either driving slow and enjoying the ride, or completely stopping because no one was behind me!

I’ve been wanting to do this blog post for a while, but just never felt like sending all of the pictures from my phone to my email. It takes forever because the files are so big that you have to send each picture individually. Looking at my email inbox, it shows that it took from 11:53am to 12:10pm to send all of these pictures!

Anyway. When Matt was going to school at Ferrum, I loved driving to go see him. I used to not be a huge fan of driving long distances, but after my first time driving straight to Ferrum from Richmond, that completely changed! From then on, I didn’t care if the drive was 4 hours from home to his school, or 2 ½ hours from Longwood to Ferrum, it was a nice drive. ESPECIALLY in the fall, driving through the mountains and all of the colors on the mountains! And as silly as it sounds, I was so excited with myself when I went to visit him over my Spring Break (when these pictures were taken) because it was the first time I drove there without reading directions! Haha. I was so proud.lol

That particular trip was a surprise, too. I left my house early enough, but that almost ended up being too early. No worries, it gave me more time to look in the bookstore and plan how I was going to surprise him. I ended up texting him saying, “Please call me when you get out of class!” So, he calls me, I ask, “I can’t decide if I should buy this shirt or not…can I send you a picture of it and you tell me what you think?” Well, of course, he said he would. Then, I laid out a zebra print Ferrum tshirt, took a picture on my phone, and sent it to him. I swear, not 15 seconds later Matt was calling me, laughing and saying, “Where are you?” Well, you know me, I can’t hold in a laugh to save my life so I couldn’t even try to make something up!

Enjoy some of these pictures of the drive to Ferrum. I wish I still had a picture of the shirt to show, too!

Love that I saw a rainbow! (Yep, that means I had to drive in some rain)

I actually took this when I left Ferrum, because I forgot to take it on the way. This is right before you get back on 460 E

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