Wednesday, December 1, 2010

25 Days of Christmas: Day 1

It’s the big day! The day I’ve been waiting for!! My 2010 25 Days of Christmas on my blog!!

Last year, I did my top 25 things I love about Christmas, and I often included pictures of those certain things. Including pictures with every post will be a bit more difficult this year to go with the theme, but I will certainly try to include lots of fun Christmas pictures, too! So what is the theme, you ask? WELL, the theme this year is my 25 Top Favorite Christmas Songs!!! Lite 98 usually starts playing Christmas music non-stop the day after Thanksgiving. This year, they started the day before! So from now until December 25, that is the station I will be listening to! Sooooooo,

My first favorite Christmas song is Step into Christmas, by Elton John. I felt this was an appropriate song to start with as we are “stepping” into December…the month when those who haven’t started putting up Christmas decorations finally jump on the train! :) Also, ABC Family starts their 25 Days of Christmas today, as well, so there will be Christmas specials on every night now! And you know more channels show Christmas shows/movies as well, so life is just grand now!!

I just love the song Step into Christmas because of the music, the catchy chorus..just everything about it! If you’ve never heard it, head on over to this youtube link to listen….and see some pretty awesome glasses. Just sayin’.

Happy Day #1 of the 25 Days of Christmas!!

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