Tuesday, December 21, 2010

25 Days of Christmas: Day 21

If you didn't know, my dad is in a Gospel-Bluegrass group, ChurchYard Grass. The CYG family has basically become a second family over the past 17 (almost 18!!) years. A few years back, we started having the CYG Christmas party, and it's just. so. fun. And awesome. Aw heck, it's awesomely fun! One of the band members, Donnie, has not been called "Donnie" by either my sister or me for many years. The reason why? Oh just you wait.....

Years ago (which kinda seems like forever and a day ago) my parents went on a cruise. Donnie was taking them to the airport, and then we were leaving from there and he was taking Abby and me to school. We got to Abby's school first, and she and Donnie went into the office, and that lady said, "Oh, you must be Abby's uncle." So, after correcting her and finding out they needed to go to the clinic to sign Abby in, the nurse said, "Oh, you must be the grandpa!" ahahaha. So wrong. So, ever since then, my sister and I have just referred to Donnie as "Granpa." lol.

Aaaaand, for a couple years, CYG was working on a bus. The bus sat in our backyard for a while, and they stripped all the seats out and were fixing it all up. One year, I got inspired to write a song--or--rewrite a song, for that matter. The name?

"Grandpa Got Run Over By a Tourbus!"

I rewrote the ENTIRE song. I mailed him a Christmas card that year (A "Grandpa card," of course) and printed out a copy of the song to put in it. The only part I can remember exactly is:

Granpa got run over by a tourbus,
After a CYG concert Christmas Eve,
You can say there's no such thing as MC-8,
But as for the rest of CYG we believe!

(MC-8, if I remember correctly, was the type/style of bus they were working on.)

I'm going to try to find the rest of that song; it would bring a great laugh!

Therefore, good ol #21 is, the original, Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer!

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Nina Diane said...

that's a great story!!