Monday, December 20, 2010

25 Days of Christmas: Day 20

As I mentioned in an earlier 25 Days of Christmas post, my family has gone to Disney World around Christmas time twice. Whenever we would go on long trips, my parents would bring little things in the car for my sister and I, to keep us occupied and not ask, "how much longerrrrrr??" every 10 minutes! Abby and I could come up with the craziest things to use hair ties and tie our blankets around the coat hooks in the back seat of our old van, and make our own tent. It stayed up long enough until dad could no longer see out the back window...

On our first Christmas trip to Disney, during the ride, mom handed Abby and me 2 Christmas boxes. You know, the size box where it's so obvious (usually) what's inside (i.e. DVD, CD, etc.). So immediately, we knew we were getting new CDs. Best part? They were CHRISTMAS CDs!! Lizzie McGuire was the big show on Disney Channel during this time, and Hilary Duff played Lizzie. Hilary Duff also came out with a Christmas CD that year, and I had been dying to save money and get it! The song that I wore out the most on that CD: Santa Claus Lane. I. Love. It. And always will!! So, that's #20!

Fun fact? "Santa Claus Lane" is also a song played in The Santa Clause 2, one of my favorite movies :)

And it's official--I have WAY more than 25 favorite Christmas

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