Sunday, December 12, 2010

25 Days of Christmas: Day 11

I made another tradition. "I must be late posting at least one post of the 25 Days of Christmas!" haha. I knew I should've written it yesterday morning. Although, I did have to finish packing up my school life to bring everything back home. I got back home around 5:30 last night, changed in to layers and layers of much warmer clothes, and turned right back around to go to Osborne Boat Landing in Varina for the Boat Light Christmas Parade. I was meeting Matt, his family, and a bunch of friends there to watch the pararde. It was a little rainy...and cold...and cold rain isn't fun! But it was still a great night!

When I got back home from that around 10, I had to unpack everything I brought home, and I didn't even finish that. I just laid down in bed and fell asleep. Next thing I know, I'm waking up late on Sunday morning and the thought comes to mind that I forget to post! ahh!

Last night, Paul McCartney was the Musical Guest on Saturday Night Live. I was so mad I forgot to watch it, but from what I hear, it wasn't all that great anyway! I've already posted about a Christmas song I like by him (Wonderful Christmastime).

If only I were smart enough to think ahead on my postings! haha.

The #11 song I like is So This is Christmas, written by John Lennon.

In my Wonderful Christmastime post, I wrote about how it was the 30th Anniversary of John Lennon's death, so I wrote about a song by another Beatles member. Okay, so why didn't I just think to write about the song John Lennon wrote? Oh, right, because I'm not smart enough to look ahead on my list! haha. But it makes for a quick laugh, and they go hand-in-hand.

On a day about John Lennon, I write about Paul McCartney; on a day about Paul McCartney, I write about John Lennon.

Who wouldn't?

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