Saturday, December 18, 2010

25 Days of Christmas: Day 18

I love riding around looking at Christmas lights! Okay, really, what part of Christmas DON'T I like?? haha

I always look for "the usual" decorations that come up around our neighborhood. Seeing the same lights and trees just makes the neighborhood feel more homey. One of our family friends' house is one I'm talking about! They have candy canes that line their yard at the end of the driveway and lights that drape between each one. There are lights going up their flagpole, and the Virginia Tech logo at the top in lights. They put a lit up star above their front door, and the 2 lights on either side of that door, they replace the bulbs with one red bulb and one green bulb!

The other night, we were on our way home and I saw the candy canes and their lights, and the flag pole looked good, but where was the star and the red&green bulbs? haha. The next day, I was in the car with Mom and Abby and told them how I missed the rest of their decorations. Not 5 seconds later, that family friend called mom! Weird, huh? So, naturally, Mom told her how I had been missing the lights. Well, tonight, Mom and I went out to the grocery store, and as soon as we turned off our street I could see the star AND the red light bulb AND the green light bulb. My night was made!!

Between mine and Matt's house there is a house that does the "Corner of Lights" display. They have a huge Christmas light display in the front yard and all over the outside of their house, and there's a sign out front telling you to tune in to a specific radio station. If you go to that radio station, you can hear Christmas music, and the lights are blinking and changing and doing all kinds of crazy stuff to the the beat and tune of the songs! It's awesome! So, of course, I go by it quite often and I've finally remembered the radio station number so I'm always prepared with the music as I drive by. And it never fails. I ALWAYS hear "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas." It's probably my favorite song to hear with those lights. Matt and I went and just sat across the street from that house (in his truck. It was too daggone cold!) and I could really pay attention to what the lights were doing. It's so wonderful!

We're hoping to go out riding and look at more lights, and also go see some of the Tacky Light houses that NBC12 puts on their website.

P.S. In case you didn't catch on, I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" is #18 :)
And I love this shirt!! :)

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