Sunday, December 26, 2010

25 Days of Christmas: Day 25

Mallory--How could you be late on the last day of the 25 Days of Christmas??

The answer? Because I did not touch a computer all day long! But yes, I touched my camera, and there are lots of pictures I need to share!

Christmas Eve night and Christmas morning were pretty funny. My sister and I have this old random tradition. Every Christmas Eve around 2am (we don't intentially wake up then, it just happens!) we wake up, Santa has left us presents under the trees in our rooms, we open them, and then Abby comes and makes a pallatte in my bedroom floor and sleeps there the rest of the night! And then we sleep off and on until like 6:30am when we are just anxious as can be to start Christmas morning!

This year, we decided to make Abby's pallatte ahead of time so there wouldn't be so much to do at 2am. And instead, Abby just slept in my room all night! Funniest part? We both fell asleep before midnight! haha. So much for being too excited to sleep! I woke up around 3:30am, and didn't have enough energy to roll over and put my glasses on to see if Santa had even left something under my tree. So I went back to sleep. Then, around 6:30am, Abby woke me up saying we had presents under our trees, so we got them and opened them. We were still tired, so I told her I was just going to leave the TV on. Afterall, there were lots of Christmas shows on! Fiiiiiiiiinally, a little before 8, we decided to get up. Turns out Mom and Dad had been up for almost 3 hours waiting for us to come get them! hahaha.

After a day filled with lots of Christmas and family, last night, I was too tired. I went to bed before midnight again...something that does not happen often! I had been home to celebrate Christmas, my grandparents' house, and Matt's grandparents' house. So much Christmas! :)

Another Christmas tradition our family has is counting the number of times we hear Sleigh Ride during the whole Christmas season. I don't remember exactly how this game got started, but I do remember the rules we started with:
-at least 2 family members have to be together to hear it
-it doesn't count if it's on a movie; it has to be on the radio
Well, over the years, our lifestyles have changed, so the rules have had to change as well. When Abby and I started driving it decreased the chances of 2 family members in the car together, so if one of us heard the song, it didn't count. Then, when I went away to school, there was even less of a chance of me being with someone to hear it and it count. So, after some changes, here are this years' rules:
-at least 2 family members and/or Matt have to be together to hear it
-it still doesn't count if it's on a movie; it has to be on the radio
-2 people have to hear it at the same time. You don't have to be together, you just have to hear it. (Example: During the last few weeks of school, I barely turned my TV on. Since Lite98 started playing Christmas music 24/7, I basically listened to it 24/7. Well, at work, Mom keeps Lite98 on in her office. If I hear it, I'll call her to see if she's in her office, or if she hears it, she'll call me to see if I'm in my room listening. If not, it doesn't count. If so, it does count.
-Mallory is the official Keeper of the Counting! haha.

We think last year's total was 28 total times hearing the song, which I think is about right.

This year's total?? 42 TIMES!! Matt and I heard #42 when we were on the way back to my house at 10pm last night. So from November 24th (when Lite98 started playing Christmas music), through December 25th, we heard it 42 times! Yay!!!!

So, Sleigh Ride is #25, and the final song, on my 25 Days of Christmas 2010. I hope you have enjoyed hearing some of my favorite songs and a few funny stories the past 25 days. I have lots of Christmas pictures I hope to share on here, too!

Hope you had a wonderful and Merry Christmas!!!


Nina Diane said...

it's been fun reading your "25" post! And I can't believe ya'll slept that long. Jake got us up @ 5:20 am!!


Mallory said...

We couldn't believe we slept that late either! I said, "Abby, when was the last time we opened presents when it was DAYLIGHT outside?!" haha