Wednesday, December 8, 2010

25 Days of Christmas: Day 8

Once again, I had no idea which song I was going to post as the #8 song, because I didn't really have a story behind a song that I could think of, or I didn't hear a song 75 times today (mainly because I was taking finals all day...). So I was reading over my list of songs that I want to include in the 25 Days of Christmas, I saw that one song title, and it hit me!

Since I changed my major over to Exercise Science, my classes have gotten a lot harder compared to my class as a P.E. major. I mean, really? ha. While the classes have gotten harder, I still find some of the information interesting. In my Exercise Physiology class, whenever we have a test, my professor puts an extra credit question about something going on in the world or an important event:

Test #1: What happened in Virginia last night (it was around September 22) for the first time in nearly 100 years?

Answer: A woman was executed.

Ok, I got that wrong. Because I normally don't watch the news. Nor would that have interested me, so had I been watching the news, I wouldn't have paid attention anyway!

Test #2: Name one team playing in the MLB or AL in the 2010 Baseball World Series.

Answer: RANGERS.

Now, I only got this right on one condition. One of my residents loves the Rangers. He was so excited when he bought his ticket out to the game everything. So, since the only team I could even remember hearing about lately was the Rangers, I put that, and got it right!


Naturally, I was upset, because I had looked forward to seeing what the question was. So, at the end of the Essay part of my exam, I wrote a note to my professor saying, "What, no extra credit question? :) haha"
So in lab the next week, she told me she loved my note and she tried and tried looking for something interesting to put as the question, but just couldn't think of anything. So she promised there would be one on the final and to check Yahoo! News before the exam because that's where she gets the questions from.

Final Exam: As my professor starts writing on the board after we've already started our tests, I knew exactly what she was writing: our extra credit question. Why was I upset? I FORGOT to check Yahoo! News. Me=SO mad at myself!

The extra credit question?: Today marks the 30th anniversary of the death of which Beatles' member?

Answer: John Lennon

Ok, honestly, I put his name down because he was the only Beatle who I knew to even be dead. So I came back to my room and immediately looked up what day he died, and was very relieved to see he died on December 8th. Okay, that sounds kind of morbid to say I was relieved....anyway. I now know that John Lennon and George Harrison are the two Beatles' members who aren't alive. I knew it wasn't Paul McCartney, because he's the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this week (just FYI!).

and HOW am I bringing this long drawn-out story to tell you the #8 Christmas song? Well, it's written by one of the Beatles and I just LOVE IT. Yes, I know I say that about every song I write about, but this one is just awwwwwwwwwwesommmmmmme!

Paul McCartney wrote "Wonderful Christmastime" in 1979 and I'm so glad he did. I look forward to hearing it every year on Lite98.

Go check out this very, um, "out of date?" yet still very cool, music video of the song...haha...

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