Sunday, December 5, 2010

25 Days of Christmas: Day 5

So, our little puppy has been sick for years. So, he's not really a puppy; he's eleven years old. But you'd never know he was that old from looking at him. Nor would you know he's sick. He can't keep water down whenever he drinks it, unless he drinks it while he's elevated--that helps a bit. No, basically, my dog looks like one of the poor, pathetic dogs you see on the abandoned animals commercials....just skin and bones. I've called him a Holocaust dog before; if you saw him, you'd know what I mean!

But no matter how our 11 year old, Chocolate Lab, skin and bones dog looks, he has just as much energy as he did as a puppy! Abby just gave him a new tennis ball to play with (he normally just takes our water bottles and milk jugs out of the recycling to chew on) and he can still book it across the front yard to fetch the ball when you throw it. It's crazy.

So how does this relate to my #5 Christmas song? Well, first off, if you didn't know, my dog's name is Chestnut. (However, I spell it Chesnut because you don't really pronounce the "t" in the middle..) So, that could only mean one thing about the song. It's.....

The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)

Whenever my sister and I hear this song, we just wait for the first line of the song and as soon as we hear the word "chestnuts" we both go, "baaaaaaaabes" (which actually sounds more like "beeeeebs") because that's what we call our dog. Don't ask.

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