Saturday, February 15, 2014

Grease is the Word!

As we're sitting here watching Grease on ABCFamily, it's really occurred to me that I have this whole movie memorized! I love everything about the movie, from the time period to the fun songs throughout!

Grease has been one of my favorite movies for a long time, so there's no doubt I know all of the songs played & sung throughout the movie, but I could probably also quote any part of the movie at any given time!

In fact, I probably had this movie memorize within a week! Let me just tell you this quick story...

Years ago, for Christmas, Abby and I each got our first DVDs. Abby got The Scooby Doo Movie and I got Grease.  We also both got camping chairs that year! So, starting on Christmas day, we set up our camp chairs in the living room, in front of our small TV we had our Playstation hooked up to, and watched our new DVDs.................over and over and over again.  Honestly, we were so THRILLED to finally have DVDs to watch, so they were easily our favorite Christmas presents and we really got good use out of them. Of course, next in line were our good ol' camp chairs which we lived in while we watched the movies.  I'm pretty sure that for days, we'd spend all of our time in the living room watching one movie, when it ended - put the other one in, watch the 2nd one, then repeat. Yes, we'd even watch the same movie a couple times in one day. (Not to be confused with Easter in 2007 when I received the Cars DVD and watched it over 7 times during our one week long Spring Break.)

So, there ya go. The beginning of my love for Grease, as well as a funny story from a Christmas long ago!  To end, hope you enjoy these photos I found on Pinterest!

One more thing, it only seemed appropriate to mention what a great job Sid Caesar did playing Coach Calhoun in the movie. He got pied in the face real good by Eugene at the end, haha.  He will be missed.

Oh yeah! Then there was that time where we went to see Grease at the Landmark Theater I believe, and Frankie Avalon actually played the Teen Angel in that performance! So cool!

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Tracy Pendleton said...

So that explains the strange dents in the living room carpet!