Thursday, February 6, 2014

Love List

I think it's about time for another one of these posts!

I've been brainstorming things all week to be sure I have a good list for this post, and here's what we have today:

Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-off--I get sucked into this show every season! My favorite contestants to watch this season have been Florence Henderson on Team Rachael (everyone loves to watch Mrs. Brady cook!), and Hershel Walker on Team Guy. The finale is next week and I'm excited to see who wins!  I'm sad the season will be over already, but the following week, Worst Cooks in America starts coming on, so I know I'll be watching that show, too.  The problem will come in March when Dancing with the Stars returns on Monday nights, too, and I'll have to pick and choose what I watch on the actual night, and what I'll have to catch On Demand!

Crocheting--Mom recently got me back into crocheting when she made Abby an infinity scarf for her birthday.  I finished my first one on
Sunday, and here's the result:

I'm working on my second one now--I pretty much just started it--so I'm anxious to see the finished product! I do know that I'm going to make this one longer than the first.

A full work week! While the snow days and delays were wonderful, it has been nice to be on a regular schedule this week: waking up at the same time, going to bed at roughly the same time, etc. 

Crock pot meals are a big reason why I can successfully contribute to our dinners. haha. I found this recipe for peppered steak in the crock pot, so we let it cook all day Monday, and MAN it was delicious!

The Winter Olympics officially start tonight!! Who else is excited?! Just the other day I was thinking about how the last time the Winter Olympics were on, I was watching them in Curry residence hall at Longwood with my roommate Jordan! We kept on TV on the Olympics during that time!

Yankee Candle has some new scents out for Spring, and my favorite is Luau Party! I don't need a new candle yet, but I would really like to have this one! :)

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Nina Diane said...

Love your scarf....great job