Monday, March 2, 2015

Our Bedroom: Before & After!

When it's come to home projects and painting, our bedroom was put on the back burner.  I don't really have a reason why, it just happened that way.  

We painted two rooms upstairs, found some furniture pieces, and neither room is in any complete.  "My" room upstairs that was intended to be a craft room, isn't quite that.  I have a bookshelf dad made me and I painted white, which does in fact store all of my craft materials.  Well, at least 95% of them.  I also have a bookshelf I've had for years, which my book collection has definitely (and quickly) outgrown.  I also have an awesome chevron chair that I fell in love with, which I rarely sit in, but I know that's where I can always find my notebook that I make our grocery lists in! haha

Matt's mancave has a bit more furniture.  He likes old, wooden, vintage-looking furniture, and he was able to grab a few things from his grandparents that they weren't using.  He also has two very comfortable leather chairs that we picked up at IKEA.  Oh yeah, and a bookshelf for holding a lot of momentos, such as a picture from Nationals for Outdoor track and his CHI Commendation.  Matt has also found and been given decor items to have, such as a standing globe, old golf clubs to hang on the wall, and a picture of cigar labels.  He's definitely been more proactive about buying things to finish his room. haha

Other than what I've mentioned, those two rooms have mostly remained "holding places" for things that have yet to find a home.  Rather than waiting for these rooms to be finished (which may or may not happen), I decided I just wanted to go ahead and take care of our bedroom.  It has been so bland for far too long.  It's definitely still not finished, but at least we've made some great progress!!!


Time to get to painting!
(Also known as the time I discovered I'm a terrible painter...)

My own Michelangelo painting the ceiling.

So, this is pretty funny.
This spot on the wall is actually purple that somehow wore off of Matt's pillow! I've never seen such a thing.
Good thing it's the same color as the paint that we covered it with! haha

Getting close to the end!

At first, Maple wouldn't come in the bedroom, because she had no idea why everything was moved around (and she couldn't get on the bed).  But when she found the open window that was just her height, she was in a happy place!


I love the lighting in our room now that we have lamps!! 

Matt did a great job painting!! Love how there's both purple and gray on this wall!

Our "his and hers" lamps:

Can you tell I like this pattern?  Mom gave me this awesome candle for Christmas!

So excited about this canvas of one of our FAVORITE wedding pictures! It looks so much better in person!

Abby gave Matt this awesome Doctor Who print for Christmas:

And this mirror we got from my great aunt and uncle! Love the shape of it :)

Just a different view of our room:

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Ashley said...

Your bedroom looks wonderful! Great job on the makeover!