Tuesday, April 18, 2017

I'm baaaaack

It's been a while, hasn't it?

Between everything that life has thrown at us (both good and bad), my blog has been pushed to the burner farthest in the back.  Not only are we chasing a 1 year old around and snuggling with our favorite dog every chance we get, we also started a crazy fun adventure by selling LuLaRoe!  I say we because it is very much both of us now!  In the beginning, it was just me, but now Matt helps with going through inventory, live sales, setting up for pop-ups and events, etc.  He's a huge help, but I love that we do it together! And don't be mistaken...Marshall is very much involved too ;)  When we get new shipments in and before all the LuLa goodies are taken out of their packaging, Marshall loves carrying them from the box and putting the packages in piles while we're going through it.

So here we are, trying to start my blog back up again.  As you may (or may not) have noticed, there's now a new url link and a new blog title, so hopefully this will be more about us as a family.  I still had my original url (malloryloraine) and the blog title was The Noltes, with pictures of Matt and me.  I had every intention of updating that to include a picture of Maple, once we got her. HA. So you know I never got around to making one to include Maple AND Marshall, so here we are.  There's the title image for now, and maybe eventually we'll have a picture of the 4 of us to include ;)  Also, over on the right column is a slideshow of our family Instagram account (@thenoltefam).  There's only one picture so far, but we plan to share a lot!

I hope to finally get around to sharing pictures of Marshall's nursery. hahahaha. I really wanted to wait until after his 1st birthday, because that's when he was getting the final touch to his room.  His room is probably my favorite in our house, because all of the decor was so fun to find and receive! :) We have a couple new things to hang up, but then I'll take pics to share!

So, here's to hoping I get back in to blogging "regularly" and share exciting things with you guys! 

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