Monday, June 21, 2010

a fun-filled weekend!

Well, my weekend became more jam-packed than I thought! Not much time for writing a good, lengthy post, but that's what Monday morning is for now!

As I mentioned in the last post I was at Matt's Family Reunion this weekend. It was held at Osborne Boat Landing, which is where it was the first time I went to one...4 years ago!

On Friday night, some of Matt's relatives came down from Maryland to stay with them. Along with them, Matt's aunt and uncle came to the Nolte's to hang out, eat and just catch up. Reminded me of Pendleton get-togethers :) Ordered out for Chinese and at 9:15pm, Matt and I headed out to pick up the food. I have to say, I have never see one order of Chinese food so big, and never so late! haha

Saturday was the actual Reunion. Lots of fun-more of the same things from the night before-hanging out, eating, catching up-but also looking at pictures from previous reunions and taking even more pictures! I expected it to be so hot on Saturday, but we were under a shelter that had ceiling fans, but even more, there was a really nice breeze coming in from the water. It was so relaxing, that it made me sleepy!

I left late in the afternoon with Matt, his brother and cousin, to go back to their house, and I thought the plan was to take naps. Instead, I watched the three guys play Call of Duty I think it was? idk, just looks like a game I'll never be good at!

So around 6:30 I guess, the rest of Matt's family comes back and we go to Matt's grandparent's house to go swimming. More fun, of course! We were there until 9 when we....

...went to Krispy Kreme! We met more of Matt's family there around 10 (why so late-I'll never know! :-P ) But it was great! Really yummy!

Next day: Sunday. Really, the reunion was over, but Matt's family from Maryland were still at their house, so after church, I went back home with Matt to see them once more. Also, Matt, his brother (and apparently me! lol) gave Matt's parents their Mother's Day/25th Anniversary/Father's Day gift. Michael Buble tickets for them as well!! :) Very exciting!

Now, all we have to do is wait for July 6th when Matt's parents, Matt and I will be sitting at the Richmond Coliseum for a great performance!!


Nina Diane said...

very busy weekend indeed!! Matt's reunion sounds fun...especially the late night doughnut run!!

Mallory said...

yeah, kinda reminded me of running to Sonic when down in Eden!