Wednesday, June 30, 2010

rainbows :)

Last week's dessert! This is just a simple dessert with a fun twist :) Rainbow Cupcakes!

Ingredients: Cupcake mix (and everything it calls for: eggs, water, vegetable oil, etc.), frosting, food coloring, cupcake liners

Step 1: Prepare the cupcake mix as the box says. Very simple!Step 2: Here is where I went off on my own to make these. I took 2/3 cup of the cupcake mix and put it into 5 seperate bowls. You can do however much in however many bowls, depending on how many colors you want in your cupcakes. After I put in the 2/3 cup in each bowl, there was still some left in the bowl, so I did the obvious--evenly distributed the rest to the bowls and licked the spoon. (Duh!)
Step 3: After you have divided up the batter, add drops of your food coloring for any colors! This is how mine turned out; I wish I had made the colors darker, but they still worked out great. This would be fun to do for holidays!
Step 4: Then, use a spoon to pour batter into the cupcake liners. I started with blue, then put green on top, followed by yellow, then orange, then pink (which was supposed to be red). None of them had the exact amount of each color so they were all different.

Then, bake your cupcakes :)

Step 5: After baking the cupcakes, let them sit out to cool. How yummy do they look already?
Step 6: After they cool, I set all of the cupcakes out on the counter to put icing on them. Step 7: You can ice the cupcakes anyway you want. Some of these look straight up AWFUL because I was trying different ways. Yeah, some of them were a FAIL. Oh well, it all tastes the same.
Here is one of the better icing jobs! lol
And as Matt asked the other day, "What's for dessert this week???"


Lindsey said...

Ohhhhh! I'm going to make these!!!

Nina Diane said...

we can expect these at the next family gathering...right? I LOVE cupcakes

Mallory said...

Absolutely! Just let me know when, and I'll be there with cupcakes in hand!