Monday, July 5, 2010

It's going to be a good day..

Well, first things first-- I did not make a dessert this past week. Why? Because we still had cupcakes left! haha. We just couldn't get rid of all of them!

Today's post is just going to be a bunch of random things. Really random things.
  • I have changed my major. To Exercise Science. I like having lots of options for possible jobs: Physical Therapist Assistant, Occupational Therapist, Personal Trainer, Pharmaceutical Sales Rep, Prosthetic Sales (because really, how many people do you know that do that??), Athletic Trainer, Rehabilitation Therapist, and so many more! And maybe one day I'll decide to face that 20348793 years of college to be a doctor...

  • I'm going to see MICHAEL BUBLE tonight! I'm BEYOND excited!!!! The tickets are birthday presents to Matt and I from each other. I can't believe that the day is finally here!!!

  • I do Farmville. Way too much. End of story!

  • I watched Christmas With the Kranks the other night as I was going to bed. Who's to say I can't watch a Christmas movie when the temperatures are into the 100s??
  • I only have 4 more weeks of working. For the summer, that is. I'll be back there on school breaks and next summer too. I love working there & I'm really going to miss it--both the working, the people, the food, and the $$$!
  • Have you seen the commercials for the Spin Pin? It's for putting your hair up in a bun. I'm not sure if it's really as good as the commercials say, but I'm going to buy one later this morning. I'm always looking for easy ways to put my hair up that 1) look good. 2) don't pull my hair. 3) stay up for long periods of time. It would be especially nice for this to work while I'm at work. I always wear pony tails.
  • Now, off to Target to buy the Spin Pin, then headed to the pool for a few hours!


Nina Diane said...

that's pretty exciting news on changing your major. You are so right...there will be much more job opps in that field. wishing you so much always:)

Mallory said...

thank you :)

Kay - Tee said...

lol I love your randomness cousin! :D