Saturday, January 15, 2011

A little alone time..

Today is the last full day I'll be the only person living on the 7th floor; my residents start moving back in tomorrow. While at time I do find it eerily quiet on the hall, sometimes I like the quiet and being by myself. Plus, I know that when everyone's back I'm going to want to be the only person on the floor again. (Not that I don't love my residents, I do. And I like to hear them hanging out with their friends and all, but sometimes, you can only stand paper-thin walls for a short time.) But it's peaceful on the floor, in the whole building for that matter. And I love that the only people currently living here are the REC, RAs, Desk Supervisor, and a small handful of people who are Desk Aides throughout campus. That's only about 15 people I would say. This time next week, there will be hundreds more people back in the building and then I'll be missing the quiet.

Also, 97% of the time, I take the stairs when I go down. It's 7 flights (technically, 14, since you go up some stairs, turn, then up more, to get to the next floor...) so I can easily get a small workout in. But since Wednesday, I have been taking the elevator every single time. Only because I never have to wait more than 5 seconds (this is no exaggeration) for the elevator to come and I don't have to be packed like a sardine with fifteen other people. Plus, the elevator is still clean from when housekeeping was here over break, so I don't have to hold my breath with the leftover smell of stinky people.

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