Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More Than I Could've Ever Asked For!

Working is a whole lot different than being in school. In school, you're thrown into a class where you may or may not know anybody. If you know someone, you hang out with them. If you don't, you choose who you hang out with and start talking and building friendships. Working, for me, is completely different. From my first day of training at Chick-fil-A, everyone welcomed me so much. Then new people were hired, and I wanted them to feel just as I did before. I look back now and see how many wonderful people I have met and gotten to know through work, and I wonder, "how did we build a friendship?" Unlike in school where you choose who you talk to, at my work, you honestly talk to everyone everyday. It doesn't matter if they work in the kitchen or front line; you talk to them. It is amazing how I can now call front line workers, kitchen workers, cooks, baggers, headset person in drive-thru, window person in drive-thru, team members, team leaders, managers, owner truly great people and friends.

-The one who calls you Maly Cat.

-The one who makes all your mistakes okay. (For instance, if you knock things on the floor that now can't be used, she just says, "it's okay!")

-The one who laughs at you when you get nervous about taking headset.

-The one who says something about your different Christmas ribbons each day the week of Christmas.

-Those who give you a million hugs on the one day you got your hours messed up, and not a single person was mad; they were all worried.

-The one who calls you Maly Mal.

-Those who say, "We need more Mallorys."

-Those who insist you go on break now, instead of you letting others go first, because you'll never get one later.

-The one who tells you just to fill up all the ice bins before you leave, then later sees you stocking sauces and wonders why you're still there, and it's only because you don't want to leave yet.

-The one who sarcastically says, "You mean I'll have to see you again in the summer??"

-The one who says, "WHERE'S MALLORY? She better not have left without giving me a hug!"

This is why I love my job.

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Nina Diane said...

awww, I'm so glad you love your job so much!! It's important