Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today I....

-woke up at 7:45.
-had my usual omelet for breakfast. filled up my tumbler with sweet tea on my way to class.
-walked 5 minutes to one class.
-completed my oral exam and felt great about it.
-watched last night's episode of biggest loser on hulu.
-had one more class and got out 20 minutes early.
-laid in my room doing absolutely nothing but watching tv.
-ate dinner in my room while I cleaned.
-on duty.
-did a trail mix program for theme week with Emily.
-will drink a glass of milk before bed.
-will go to bed between 12:30 and 1.

One month from today I...

-may very well have to wake up at 5:45 depending on my internship shift of the day.
-will not have the luxury of having someone whip up an omlet for me. a bowl of cereal will do.
-will drive 20-30 minutes to arrive at the hospital.
-will take blood pressures. lots of them.
-will work along side therapists.
-will work with nurses.
-will [hopefully] watch open heart surgeries (yes, i'm very excited about this...)
-will enjoy / hate working with older people.
-will laugh if I work with the patients I met the day of my interview.
-will be lucky if I get the chance to catch up on my shows by watching online.
-will enjoy momma's cooking for dinner.
-will write a journal entry about my day interning.
-will hopefully get to bed before 11. I'll need it.

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Nina Diane said...

I love this post!! and am excited for you with the internship. Should provide some pretty good blog post!! AND>......EATER is coming!! egg hunting and good food and doesn't get much better than that!!