Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Abby's Senior Convocation

Thursday, Mom, Dad and I headed to Longwood for Abby's Senior Convocation. It's crazy to think that it's her last year at Longwood! Her first year there was my last year, which doesn't even seem that long ago, but I guess time really does go by that quickly!

The Longwood tradition for Longwood is every senior chooses an underclassman to decorate their cap and "cap them" at the end of the ceremony. It's a lot of fun to see all of the decorated caps and the creative things some people come up with!  

Lined up, and ready for the processional!

Here's Abby and one of her littles...who decorated her cap and capped her!

President Reveley

If you've never heard Dr. Jordan speak at anything, you're really missing out!

It was really neat to have Abby's convocation outside, whereas mine was outside. Hers was right beside the Cunninghams, just outside the window from her very first room at Longwood!

Abby and her other little!

So many decorations!

Abby's WOULD have a huge, red, white and blue bow on the back!

The seniors of Tri Sigma.

Seniors and their cappers.

Seniors in Ambassadors.

Family pics!

 Love these next two pictures Dad took...

Then, before we left, I had to say one last goodbye to the Cunninghams, my last home at Longwood, before they start construction to take them down and build the new student center.

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