Monday, September 22, 2014

Longing for Longwood

As I was going through Instagram on a commercial break from Dancing with the Stars, I came across this picture on Longwood University's Instagram account. As soon as I saw it, I just had an instant desire to want to be back at Longwood! Something about the picture is just so peaceful and inviting and I'd give almost anything to be a student there again! (Of course, then I probably wouldn't be happily married with a fur-baby, so I guess life goes on ;)

You never realize it until you're gone, but I can't believe how much I loved being at Longwood! Being just a walk away from anything you needed was great. I loved being able to go eat at Dhall and see so many familiar faces, or go to a basketball just five minutes from the bed I slept in. It was wonderful!

And I can't believe how badly I desperately wanted to like coffee while I was at Longwood, because I wanted to get something at Java City OTHER than hot chocolate! They had the best white hot chocolate, but I just really wanted to like coffee so I could get some before one of the few times I actually went to the library to study. (For those who may be wondering, I didn't start drinking coffee until after college, when we were six months away from the wedding!)

Here's a great memory that anyone from any other college will never understand: Later in the night, long after the pretty sunset skies like this one, you meet with everyone at a predetermined location for a Chi Walk. Even if they only last a short time, it's so worth going to.

The four years I was at Longwood were honestly four of the best years of my life, as cliché as that may sound. I made some of the best friends, worked with some amazing people in RCL, was a part of many wonderful organizations, and so much more.

If you also went to Longwood, feel free to comment with some of your favorite Longwood memories/traditions! I love reading about Longwood :)

Picture from Longwood's Instagram

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