Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Randoms About Me

Today was definitely one of those days where anything and everything that could happen happened. It was crazy, random and hectic and work today, so I thought it only seemed right to do a random blog post for today! Enjoy these random facts about me while I'm headed out to Varina's first home football game of the year!!

Most of my recent Instagram pictures are of Maple. No shame....I love my furbaby!

....and my phone reminds me daily that my storage is almost full, mainly because of all the pictures of her I have on there.

I'm probably one of the pickiest people when it comes to something as simple cream.  My favorite flavor is chocolate. Just chocolate. Occasionally, okay, only when we go to The Shake Shop The Sandston Bistro, I'll get rainbow sprinkles on my ice cream cone and all is well. Other than that, nothing. I hate chucks or pieces of anything in my ice cream! So, you can understand my disappointment when Matt calls me from the grocery store and tells me they're OUT of plain chocolate! WHAT?

Now that I've talked about eating ice cream, you should know I love to work out. haha. Which also confirms that I did change my major to a good one to get a degree in, while I still had the chance! I never thought I'd enjoy running, but that's what I've spent most of this year doing as my work out, and I've definitely increased the amount of strength training I've been doing!  ....Maybe I'll start bringing some Workout Wednesdays back??

I can go off on tangents when I'm speaking like it's a natural part of the conversation. It's just a crazy habit!

I could eat breakfast for dinner all the time, but please don't ask me to eat any kind of dinner food for breakfast!

Finally, as my sister has pointed out, I, Lizzie McGuire, am an outfit repeater. And, this outfit will be making another appearance coming soon, haha. Hey, I've had it since June and only worn it twice...I think that's pretty good, ha.

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