Saturday, September 6, 2014

Saturday Morning with Maple

This morning, Matt and I went running at Dorey Park, but we didn't stay long before going back home and picking up our sweet Maple!  We've been wanting to take her to the dog park and today seemed like it'd be a good day. Unfortunately, there were several dogs there when we got back, and Maple is always iffy around new dogs at first, so we ended up not going in the dog park area and walked around in the field instead. She still had a great time!

Maple isn't too fond of car rides when she isn't in her kennel.

Hey you guys, what is this air blowing on me?! I've never liked this before!

I love how cute this picture is...she was just resting her head on his seat.

We sat in the parking lot in front of the dog park for a little bit, waiting and hoping that some people would leave with their dogs, but no such luck. Maple kept watching and whining the whole time because she wanted to play so badly, but she forgets how she acts around new dogs, haha. She was all over the front seats like, "let me out! I want to plaaaay!!"

"Come on, deddy, can't we go yet????"

Finally time to walk around..

And here's proof of our dog part dingo/kangaroo/jumping bean.
This is an everyday occurrence. haha.

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