Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I cannot CONTAIN my excitement!!! I just bought Matt and me tickets to see MICHAEL BUBLE in July!!!! We're each paying for our own ticket, and it's our birthday present to each other for this year :) :)
We didn't get the seats we really wanted, which obviously, would have been on the floor, but we didn't get horrible seats, so I'm not too upset! We're both VERY excited!!!!!
Matt bought another one of his CDs last night, he now as 4! haha, and it came with a DVD. Matt said that Michael Buble is hilarious, so I'm looking forward to the concert even MORE!


Nina Diane said...

yeah! will be fun.....and really, I think the lower level is better than floor because you have a hard time seeing over people.

Mallory said...

That's what I keep telling myself. I think I kept wanting floor because my friend and I had floor seats for Keith Urban...but somehow we got lucky and got 5th row, and the chances of that happening again were very And actually, a couple I'm friends with at BCM at school got tickets as well, and we're in sections right beside each other! lol