Monday, February 22, 2010

What's in my purse?

I saw this idea on a blog before, and thought it'd be fun to do. Here's everything that's in my purse!

1. Stopain: This Roll-On Pain Reliever is life saving! I feel like I have more muscle and bone aches than anyone ever should in one day, so it's very convenient to have this. And it really does help, even though the Listerine smell fills the room every time I put it on!

2. Root Beer Barrels: Root Beer mints from Cracker Barrel...I get them every time I go! Unless I've been recently and I still have a bag on hand. Man, I just love them. And I hope that even though I gave up soft drinks for Lent I'm still able to have these!

3. Poem: This is one of the poems that Matt's written me. He wrote this one for me for Christmas 2007. It's nice to have it with me to read whenever.

4. Senior Class Rank: Ok, I don't really carry this with me, it just fell out of this purse when I flipped it But hey, I'm not going to lie, it is very encouraging to try and keep up with my high school GPA...haha.

5. Brush: Even though I don't brush my hair when it's curly, I keep it with me for some reason. I suppose for those maybe 5 times a year that I straighten my hair and it gets really tangled up?

6. Ibuprofen: I believe my body is becoming immune to this stuff, because I have to use it so much. I get headaches like no other and I feel like I take this at least once a day. If my headaches aren't too bad, I do try to tough it out though so I don't take so much.

7. Wallet: This was my first Vera Bradley purchase and I couldn't contain my excitement when I finally saved enough money to buy it. Needless to say, it holds everything I could possibly need and is stuffed with stuff--not stuffed with enough money though!

8. Pencil Pouch: I keep pens, pencils and highlighters with me at all time. Very convenient at random

9. Pocket Calendar: This saves my life at times. I mostly keep dates and stuff on the calendar on my phone, but sometimes, I just need to have things written down in two places. I don't know why, I just do.

10. Inspiration: Some people have an inspiration board, which I am actually brainstorming to make, but for now, I have inspiration paper. Just a few pieces of paper with pictures and such that I carry with me.

11. Lotion: I mentioned in my last post about hand lotion my Memaw gave me for Christmas. Well, this is it!

12. Santa Purse: I've had this thing since I was little! I hadn't used it in a while, but at Christmas 2008, I found this purse in all of our Christmas stuff and thought it was cute for carrying all my chapsticks in my purse. Well somehow, this thing ended up staying in my purse year round, and it now carries my iPod (which is not currently in it, because I took it to the gym!).

13. Lipgloss: Honestly, this isn't even the lipgloss I use. But even so, it still goes with me from purse to purse. I guess one day, I will actually use it. I just don't know. haha.

14. Nail Clippers: This is just a must. That's all I have to say.

15: Ambesol Jr.: I get ulcers a lot from eating acidic foods (mostly the pineapple I eat almost every day at breakfast!) and this stuff is so relieving! And yes, I get the kids' kind....because it has a better flavor!!

16. Mirror: Ok, do I really need to explain why I carry a mirror with me??

17. Nail file: I love having this nail file, with all the different sides. But, as you can see, it's time to buy a new one. They're usually at WalMart if you're interested!

18. Cougar: Yes, this seems absolutely ridiculous, I know. But if you've ever seen Talladega Nights, then you've seen the cougar that gets painted on Ricky Bobby's new car. Matt and I watched this movie once, I just called him Cougar. I don't know why at all, I just did. haha. So, Matt gave me this little cougar. He also has a tiger. Can you guess why?

19. Cars Notebook: I find myself always needing just a blank sheet of paper to write stuff down, it could be anything. A grocery list, a random game of Hangman, anything.

20. Words to Know: Last year, mom mailed me random newspaper clippings and comic strips. One day, she mailed me a clipping of words that I should add to my vocabulary. The two words are Gumble and Fizzlewit. And, I do use them regularly, when they fit into the conversation! Let me know if you know the meaning of either of those words, without looking them up! ;)

21. Lipgloss: This is the lipgloss I use. haha. I bought it on one of our mission trips. I can't remember which one, but I know we went shopping at a mall, because that's where I bought this. I feel like it was when we were in Georgia? No idea. Anyway. It's from Victoria's Secret. And I bought it because 1) It was on sale (1/2 off!), and 2) I find it funny to say this is the only thing I own from Victoria's Secret. lol.

22. Hand Sanitizer: Apparently, you're only supposed to use this only once a day, or it starts getting bad for hands. Well then, my hands are horrible, because I use this quite often! Oh well, as long as I don't have germs!


Nina Diane said...

what? no camera?

Mallory said...

haha my small camera is at home! lol