Monday, February 15, 2010

A New Addition

All of the stuffed animals that Matt and I have are named. Some are crazy and you'll probably wonder how the heck they got those names, but no worries, I'll explain :)

The first stuffed animal I got was a baby Shrek stuffed animal, which Matt named Sparrow. Matt won him out of a crane machine at the movies when we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. So that's how he got his name.
The next animal I got was Mater. Matt gave him to me for my 17th birthday. There was no need to change his name :)

Next, Matt won me the big red mouse at the state fair in 2007. We named him Milkshake, after the amazing Virginia Tech milkshakes my family gets every single year at the fair!

For Christmas in 2007, I found a stuffed moose where you can record someone talking and it plays back. I don't believe anything is recorded on him now......but Matt likes to record me doing my "chicken laugh" and play it back, which makes me laugh even But anyway, since I gave him the moose for Christmas, he was named Mistletoe.

Valentine's Day in 2008 came around, and Matt gave me the softest stuffed dog ever. That same Valentine's Day, I made Matt fortune cookies with fortunes I made inside. And even though they didn't come out as good as they did on my trial run, he said he still liked them ;) haha. Anyway, the dog's name, of course, is Cookie.

In fall of 2008 Matt and I went to Build-a-Bear and we each made a bear. We had them stuffed, picked out clothes and everything. He named his Daniel; I named my Loraine. --our middle names, if you didn't know! He keeps Loraine; I keep Daniel. We even bought them the cutest Elf costumes this past Christmas, which you can see more pics of in a previous post.haha.

Here are some pictures:
Mater, Milkshake, Daniel, Cookie, Sparrow.

Loraine, Mistletoe.

And as I mentioned, Matt gave me a new stuffed dog for Valentine's Day this year. We just called him Baby Cookie at first, because he looked just like Cookie. Well, last night before bed, he was named. And Matt thought of the name. Meet Porkchop!
You can go back to my last post if you don't understand how he got his name :)

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