Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Kent High School Homecoming!

Ever since we were little, my sister and I, along with our cousins Gabrielle and Alison have been super close! It's pretty funny because our names are similar in ways: You have Abby and Gabrielle (Gabby), and Alison and Mallory (Mal).  So, we're the Abs and the Als! haha.
We're "the four cousins" and we've always supported in each other in everything!  This past Friday was no different!

The youngest of us four, (and there's only 5 years between the oldest, me, and the youngest) Alison, was on the Homecoming Court for New Kent High School.  She's been on the Homecoming Court for the past three years, but this year was a little bit more special: she was on the SENIOR Homecoming Court!  Even though no one in my family went to New Kent schools, we still went out to the Homecoming football game to see the Homecoming Parade and the Court!  I'm so glad we went because Alison was crowned Homecoming Queen!!!! YAY!!!! I got a few good shots; it was very hard to get super pictures because of how far away in the stands I was and the fact that it was dark outside.  I really wish I had a clear shot of Alison's reaction when they called her name, but of course, it came out blurry :( Just my luck! But I kept on taking pictures hoping and praying that I would get some good ones!!

And talk about some dedication...right after she was crowned queen, Alison came up to the stands, I got a quick picture with her down below), went to go change her clothes, and was out on the field with her best friend, Kennedy, completing her Water Girl duties!!
Alison, we're all so proud of you, and I'm glad we were all there to see you!! :)
 Since Aunt Kandi and Uncle Xel were already lined up on the field waiting to escort Alison, Dad drove her car in the parade!

 Proud Parents!
 King & Queen!!

This picture was taken on my phone (and zoomed in), hence the reason it's so bright and fuzzy!
The Als :)

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