Thursday, October 11, 2012

Oktoberfest 2012: Color Wars

This weekend I was at Longwood for one of the best traditions ever:
Color Wars is held the Friday night of Oktoberfest and is seriously one of the most fun things to ever participate in! How many chances do you get to get on the field with hundreds and hundreds of other people and throw paint on each other?! It's a blast!
While I certainly did miss participating in the event this year, I was very excited to get to take pictures! It's something I've always wanted to take pictures of, but unfortunately, I haven't mastered being in two places at once, so this year was my chance!  I LOVE seeing all of the red, green, and occasionally blue paint flying through the air right at the beginning.  This is the point when everyone has their paint and just runs for it!  Then, later on (not much later, it only lasts maybe 5 minutes or so!) you get the occasional paint splatters everywhere, which I think still makes for good and fun pictures!

At one point, I finally just sat there and started slowly scanning the crowd snapping pictures.  Then, I noticed one person was staying in the frame the whole time.  It was Abby! Of ALL the people on the field, she was the once I ended up following, haha!
 Matt brought extra cups and carried them in his pockets, haha!

(While I'm Red Class and should really be upset about this, a Longwood tradition is a Longwood tradition and I'll accept the Red Class loss ;)  Plus, I have to be happy that Matt & Abby won, lol)

Matt and Dani!

Tastes good, right Matt?

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