Friday, October 12, 2012

Oktoberfest 2012: Spirit Leaders & Klowns

Another fantastic Longwood tradition on Oktoberfest weekend is the Parade to kick off Saturday's events! The Parade consists of the Spirit Leaders, Klowns, Honorary Spirit Leaders, Longwood Cheerleaders, Elwood, and  I believe some others (yeah...I should probably know this..).  Last year, Matt got to be one of the Green Class Klowns and did a wonderful job performing.  I know he had a blast going out all out dressing in green and dancing for everyone.
This year, Abby was chosen as a Spirit Leader--so she got to wear the fancy Leiderhosen that I wore last year as a Mortar Board member.  What was even cooler, is that Abby was selected to be the Mittenmeister for the sophomore class, which, in non-Longwood terms, is basically like homecoming court.  So cool! From where Mom and I were standing, it seemed like Abby was ALWAYS on the other side of the circle, so it difficult to get good pictures of her.  You may have to do a little "Where's Waldo Abby" searching!

Spirit Leaders


Klowns : Red Class & Green Class

 This year's Chi Klown

One of the songs in the Klowns mix was "Call Me Maybe" and this year's Oktoberfest theme was Arghhhtoberfest!


Have a good weekend!!

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