Monday, January 20, 2014

Bevell's Hardware Train Display

A couple of week's ago, I went with Mom, Abby, Papa and Joyce to Bevell's Hardware Store in Blackstone.  The owner sets up this HUGE train display that is just so amazing to look at!  We walked around two or three times, and I'm SURE we still missed seeing some details!  I loved the circus/carnival/theme park area he had set up, but my absolute FAVORITE part was the Disneyworld display!!!! It was so awesome!!  And, those two roller coasters you see set up, they actually went around! So neat! We figured one was the Rebel Yell from Kings Dominion, and the other was Alpengeist from Busch Gardens. 

I hope these pictures will show you that it's definitely worth the hour and a half drive {from Richmond} to go and see the set up, but you really have to go see it for yourself!!  I was SO upset that I forgot my camera at home, but will for sure be going back, especially so Matt can see, and I will be sure to remember my camera then!

Check out this Drive-In! It was actually playing the movie Cars!


There were probably at least ten trains going around the table all at the same time, but there was one train that was entirely full of Disney figurines!

Had to take a picture of this train on display, because of all the work Matt's dad does for CSX!

There was also one part of the display that I didn't get any pictures of, that had a couple of houses next to a fire station.  Every few minutes, you would hear sirens go off, and the houses would actually start having smoke come out of them! It was just so neat!

Be sure to go to Bevell's Hardware Train Display website to find out their hours starting Black Friday of this year! You don't want to miss it!  There are also a couple of videos on the site that you can check out, too!

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