Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Our 1st Married Christmas

Two questions I was asked over and over were: "Are you ready for your first married Christmas?!" and "How was your first married Christmas?"  Well, of course it was great!

I was way more excited on Christmas morning than Matt was! haha. I woke up originally at 6:00, but knew there was no way in heck I was getting up that early. Finally, at 6:30, I got up because I knew I still needed to fill Matt's stocking {he did mine on Christmas Eve}. After doing that, I went back in the room and told Matt to get up. He took one look at the clock and looked back at me with the most serious expression, "no....come back at 7:00."  I tried laying back in bed making the time past, but the clocked moved so slow, so I went into the den to watch TV. You better believe that at exactly 7:00 I was standing over Matt in the bedroom saying "wake up!!!! It's Christmas!!!!" He looked at the clock, back at me again, and just saying, "Go make me coffee." haha, Good Morning to you, too! lol

Of course we had a great Christmas, going all over the place to visit with everyone, but we were definitely tired by the end of the day!


This picture was obviously taken more recently, and not on Christmas day, but I just thought it was funny to look at the differences in our stockings...haha.
And Matt taught me better tips for filling his stocking for next year, lol!


I was a little bit obsessed with the wrapping paper I got for Matt this year:

New ornaments!

Here's Matt figuring out the dimensions of what was inside the box.
Unfortunately, he was SPOT ON that this gift was new records.

Loving his new books and ready to finally read the third!

Laughing at Matt's perfect box selection for my gift...

And then I had one last gift for Matt that he didn't no about...yay!

And apparently, Matt also had one last surprise gift for me, too! haha.

Time for Annie's stocking!

Despite all of the toys and treats that were in her stocking, she wanted to just chew on the stocking!

I really wish this picture was blurry...she's so cute, though!

Little Annie-kins was fairly calm during present time..well, except for wasting no time tearing through her new toys!

Mom opening her album of our wedding pictures.

Abby's expression cracks me up......She loved her shirt, haha.

Another present for Annie!

Abby's initial reaction when she saw the stained glass Sigma window that Dad made her.. haha, again, her expression cracks me up.

Checking out one of my new books!

We had two other Christmas celebrations on Christmas day, with Matt's family, but for some reason, I didn't have my camera :(

The Saturday after Christmas, we had the Pendleton family Christmas at my cousin Aimee's house. We do a gift exchange every year, where everyone brings a gift, and then we draw numbers to find the order that gifts are chosen. A gift can be stolen up to three times, too! It keeps us laughing, that's for sure!

I loved their tree, so I was having a bit of camera fun:

Alison & Abby

Love this picture of Victoria hugging Abby.

Maddox loves his presents!


Victoria & Alexander

 Jacob trying on his new jacket:

Love what Memaw wrote on Matt's gift:

These were all for our gift exchange:

Matt's cool looking picture:

Alex got the present Matt brought!

We could not stop laughing about the hands that Scott opened!

Maddox helping Aimee open up a gift:

Cody's first present..

Cody's second present...

Dad didn't want anyone to steal his gift, so he was holding up this bag saying it was his gift:

and finally, Cody's third present! He kept opening up great gifts and people kept stealing them!

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