Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Our Christmas Trees!

I know it's been a long time of waiting for these pictures, but I've finally uploaded pictures of our Christmas trees!! It was a depressing day in the Nolte house when the trees finally all came down. (And, to clarify, it was just this past weekend!)

I just really enjoyed the evenings when we'd really only have the tree as our light when we'd watch TV or something, and
it filled the room! It was so pretty :)  But, not to worry, in ten months, we (and by "we" I mean Matt) will be pulling all of the trees down from the garage so we (here, "we" = me!) can get them decorated for the next Christmas season!! I can hardly wait! haha. Actually, as much as I love Christmas, I can wait, because I'd hate to rush through the year and miss summer & everything!!

On a different note, all of this snow makes me even more reminiscent of Christmas! I always love the rare occasions when we actually have a White Christmas!

Enjoy this snow day!! I know I am!!


I know this picture is darker than I would like, but this is this year's Santa Land ornament!

We have many of these penguin ornaments, in different varieties, from when we both attended Seven Pines Elementary. Our mascot was a Penguin, so the PTA made these ornaments for all of the students!

Mom gave Matt this awesome ornament for Christmas this year!

Here are the trees that were in my room upstairs.
PLEASE join me in laughing at how much this tree is actually leaning! haha. I don't know how it survived being up for two months!
I loved the contrast of all of the colorful lights against the emerald walls in my room!

My favorite gingybread men, and Phineas and Ferb.


Matt gave me this black tree with colored lights years ago. I love the contrast of bright colors on black, so he knew I'd like it.
I've actually kept this tree up year round since he gave it to me. It mostly holds all of the ornaments his cousin, Holly, makes every year and gives me. (The picture on the left is the one she just gave me last month!)
Also, if I buy or receive any ornaments throughout the year, rather than pulling out Christmas boxes to put the ornaments away, I hang them on this tree to wait until Christmas!

I SO went overboard taking pictures of the tree in our room!
I was so in love with the way it looked! I bought this pewter sparkly tree at Target a couple of years ago, super on sale! I knew I wanted to put brightly colored ornaments on it, so I picked those up last year...also from Target and on sale! 
This was the first time the box had even been opened and the tree put up! I was so excited!!!

Finally, this tree is in our upstairs bathroom...mostly because it sheds glitter EVERYWHERE and Matt would hate it if it were somewhere and he would always be around it! haha

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