Saturday, January 25, 2014

Our Christmas decorations!

So WHAT if it is now a month after Christmas....I'm going to share pictures of our Christmas decorations if it's the last thing I do!  Even with all of the days off this week, I feel like I just haven't stopped doing something....even if I was just cleaning up around the house! So, I'm finally getting around to not only putting the pictures ON my camera, but taking the time to upload them here, as well.

And don't you think for one second this is my last Christmas post!
You know you want to see all of our trees!!!
That'll come within the next couple of days!!

{Obviously, those previous pictures are post Christmas, since Matt's "stocking collection" grew. haha. We only had our two stockings hanging up, originally.}

 Old Christmas pictures...

All of our {my} Christmas books!

This is one of my all-time favorite Santa Land pictures!

I have all of my Santa Land pictures from the past 2 years sitting out, but this is the one displayed on top..

Even though these trees CLEARLY don't match, I love them all!

You didn't think I wouldn't decorate the bathroom, too, did you?? haha

 This Mickey Mouse snow globe came from JCPenney on Black Friday--it was free! :)

 This stocking holds those cardboard Christmas "glasses"...
when you're wearing them and you look at Christmas lights, you see different shapes around the lights.
I have Santas, snowflakes, Christmas trees, and many more!

All 9 of Santa's reindeer!

My Rudolph pillow! And on the left, you can see part of the Christmas wreath Aunt Sherrie made us!!

Matt even changed out the glasses that hold his bottle caps and the wine corks from our wedding for Christmas glasses!

A little ice skating figurine..

The stairs/railing..

I love these 2 trees from Cracker Barrel!

These were in a large Margarita glass--leftover from our candy bar at the wedding! 
The glass still has the snow in it now, but with some blue ornaments and snowflakes!

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