Friday, June 20, 2014

Matt, Mallory & Maple

I'm so excited writing this post!!

On Monday, Matt went and picked up our newest addition to our home: Maple!

We had been to the SPCA several times looking at dogs, and some were ruled out kind of quickly, soley based on the fact that they didn't really get along with other dogs well.  With as many dogs as there are between our two families and how often our dog may be around other dogs, we knew that was a no-go. But that's not to say they weren't all adorable, loving dogs!

The last time we had gone, Maple was the last dog we visited and played with.  She wasn't one of the dogs we planned on seeing, and Matt kind of just selected her and surprised me with who we were going to play with next. 

I'm pretty sure I just loved her from the first time we met her, because right when we walked in her room, she greeted me with a playful jump of excitement. (She still does this, but she's so gentle about it :)   I loved that she was so soft all over and I loved her coat, because it was so unique.  I had horrible headache the night we met her, but just petting her was so comforting to me.  We didn't get a whole lot of time with her, because the SPCA was about to close, but I was definitely sad to leave her. 

We talked about her for a few days and Matt kept telling me, "If you want her, we can get her." I just knew we couldn't get her at the time, because I knew we'd be leaving for Disney and I didn't want to leave her.  Then, last week brought a complete turn of events. I was checking the SPCA website and Maple's picture was gone. I called Matt and told him, and I was just upset because I didn't think she'd go to a new home.  A couple days later, while we were laying in bed watching TV, I pulled up the SPCA website again and freaked out-I said, "'re never going to believe this!!"  Maple's picture was back online!  We started thinking maybe she wasn't adopted, and they just took her picture down for a few days to try to get rid of the tons of hound dogs they have, haha. However, we later found out that she had been adopted for about 2 days, but the family's 3 year old daughter was scared to death of her.  Okay, they couldn't have had the same Maple we have, because there's not a single scary hair on her body! haha.

So, first thing Monday morning, Matt was at the SPCA when they opened and adopted our first doggy together! I was soooo anxiously waiting to hear from him afterwards, and he thankfully brought her by school so I could see her while I was at work! 

I've been waiting a few days to post it, because I was hoping and hoping that we'd get a picture of both of us with Maple, but when we're both laying beside her, she can't lay still--she wants to snuggle with everyone and just keeps going back and forth!

Here's Maple: our little shepherd/shar pei mix, somewhere between 2 and 5 years old (her records have two different ages). She's the most adorable, cuddly, playful dog there is, but she's also very chill.  She's the perfect dog for us!

She very quickly found and claimed her spot on the sofa.

She's so adorable in her bed!

She is such a sweetheart, and definitely the princess of the house. I don't know how no one had already adopted her (and kept her), but I'm glad they didn't!!

She loves him.

 So this is really the only picture we have of all three of us (and she looks scared to death!). We had to take it quickly! haha

You know there will be plenty more pictures to come of this little one :)

So, what will she do while we're at Disney next week? Well, Abby was the only one we told we were getting her, although our families knew we had been looking at the SPCA. I started to say, "We might get a dog this week...." and before I could even finish the sentence and ask her, she said, "can I pet sit while you're gone?!" There was the answer I was hoping for! Even though we'll miss her lots, we know Maple will be in good hands next week :)


Brooke Crowder said...

so adorable!!! and have fun in disney, i have to say; im jealous. i really didnt think it was going to be as fun as i did, but it was so fun, and i cant wait to go back!

Nina Diane said...

oh goodness, she looks so sweet!! have fun on vacation!!