Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Color Vibe!

This past weekend, Matt and I ran in The Color Vibe 5K at Colonial Downs! I had been looking forward to doing a color run for the longest time, so I was very excited for the day to finally be here! Mom came along to take pictures of us (because she knew I'd want to do a blog post on it--she knows me well!), but may do one with us next time ;)

This was one of the best 5Ks I've run for several reasons:
1) The surface we ran on was great. We started out running through the parking lots, but then we ran down and ran on the race track, so it was much more low impact than what I'm used to.
2) The time went by fast...and I ran my best time! I didn't have my phone for music and to keep track on my Nike+ app, because I didn't want to risk it getting messed up. Matt did carry his in his pocket, so we could keep track of our distance and time. We ran in a little over 28 minutes, which I was pleased with. That includes having to stop and dodge walkers, who don't understand the concept of walking on the RIGHT side of the track, and we also stopped at the water station, too. I think it also helped not having the voice on the app constantly telling me, "1 mile.....total time....00:00....average pace.....0:00...." so I really was just running for the fun of it!
3) I didn't want to get left behind, so I kept making myself run faster to keep up with Matt. I knew he wasn't going to actually leave me, but I didn't want to hold him back too much.

Right at the beginning of the race, I didn't realize we were running through SO much color right at the start, so I got a good amount of that chalky flavored pink stuff in my mouth. HA! What a great way to start a run!

Another fun fact about The Color Vibe is that a portion of the cost to run the race goes towards Habitat for Humanity, which just so happens to be the first community service project Matt and I participated in together during Key Club (back where it all began!)

Here we are waiting at the start line! Matt looks thrilled! haha

And, we're somewhere in this crowd!

Here we are in the last stretch to the finish line!

Colorful and DONE!

Of course, he's our before and after pic! I know, I don't really look like I got too much color on me, but it's pretty much all on my left side! My whole right arm was purple! lol

Stay tuned for our next race! 

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