Friday, June 13, 2014

Random Purple Flower

At the beginning of Spring, with we Matt started doing more yard work, he noticed there were a lot of bulbs that were growing along the driveway. He went down and pulled up SO MANY bulbs which we shared with our parents, because there was no way we'd need that many to relocated, lol. After talking to our neighbors, it turns out that a women that lived in our house before had a flower bed that went all the way down the previous driveway (not the cement driveway we currently have), and later on down the road, the flower bed wasn't completely taken up, but rather cement was just poured down over it.

So, Matt pulled up all of the bulbs by the driveway, some that gone a little astray into the yard, and then there was this one........way off in the front of the yard right by the road.  We couldn't tell what kind it was, but we were curious to see. It grew FOREVER before it finally started to bloom into something, and it turned in to something pretty! This random purple flower reminds me of the trees in The Lorax. Anyone else?

We think this flower's life ended last night and didn't survive the torrential downpours we had, but we enjoyed the anticipation of waiting to see what it would eventually be! haha.

*And no, our yard isn't as bad as it looks in these pictures. When I took these pictures several weeks ago, Matt had recently put weed killer down and we (obviously) had a ton of weeds in the front yard.

This picture almost does it justice in showing how tall it is!

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