Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Our First Anniversary

Why it takes me so long to catch up on blog posts I will never know. I guess I'm just enjoying living life that sometimes I just forget to take time to document it in one of my favorite ways!

Sunday, of course, was our first anniversary. <3 p="">
We didn't have a whole lot planned, but we did stay busy, yet relaxed at the same time!

I started the day with coffee in the only mug that seemed appropriate...these fantastic favors from our rehearsal dinner!!

We went back to one of the main locations of our wedding weekend: The Berkeley Hotel (and happened to quickly and randomly see one of Matt's groomsmen, Jesse, as he was leaving the hotel with another of his and Matt's fraternity brothers!).  We had breakfast at The Berkeley, just like we did the morning after our wedding. Just in case you haven't read any of my wedding posts, Matt's parents hosted the rehearsal dinner at The Berkeley, the entire wedding party got ready there, and Matt and I stayed the night there after the wedding.

As we ate, of course I kept bringing up, "...I can't believe it's been a year. It just really doesn't feel like it!" Our whole meal was delicious, and, since you get to choose your seat, you know we sat at the same table right by the window.

After breakfast, we headed down to Williamsburg to Yankee Candle (didn't buy anything), the outlets (again, didn't buy anything), and to The Pottery (spent about $3 on us, and also bought a gift). haha. Didn't end up being as successful of a trip to Williamsburg as we planned, but it was still enjoyable. Oh, and we also saw Santa shopping at Yankee Candle. No, really, it was the Santa that sits in Santa's Workshop all day :)

Once we got back, we were trying to figure out what to do for dinner. Only one thing seemed appropriate: Roma's. Since we didn't get to each much of Roma's at our wedding reception, we made up for it this year, even though we got something completely different! haha.

After dinner, we did one of my new favorite things we do, which is going for an evening walk. For exercise and recovery reasons, I love doing this on my days off from running.  We usually walk about 2-2.5 miles when we go, and it's just very enjoyable!

Of course, to end the night, we cut into the top layer of our cake and had the pink champagne flavor I've been waiting almost two years to eat now!! (We chose our flavors in July 2012, and I knew I wanted the top layer to be pink champagne--my favorite of the three flavors we had--to be sure we had it on our anniversary, in case we didn't get it at the wedding!)

(you really can't have cake without ice cream...just saying!)

All through the day, I would randomly say, "At this time, exactly a year ago, we were in the middle of our ceremony!!" or whatever it might have been at the time!

So, now that we've been married a year, what are we going to do??


That's right! In two weeks, we'll be in Florida hanging out with Mickey and Minnie, Elsa and Anna (if we're lucky), Woody and Buzz, and whoever else we can find! We've anxiously been saving and waiting to decide on where we'd go, and we can't wait to celebrate our first anniversary in the place where everyone's a kid again!

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