Thursday, September 20, 2012

A look at the past three and a half weeks.....

...via iPhone pics!  I'm forever grateful that I have a phone with a good camera! Whether or not the pictures that come from it are good, well, I'll let you be the judge of that.  Sometimes, I'm doing everything I can to make sure I'm getting a good picture and other times, something's happening so fast that I'm just trying to get a quick picture so I can laugh about later!  Although, it is kind of bad that I've been relying on my phone so much lately, because that means I don't have my camera on me as often. In fact, last weekend when I was at Longwood, I completely FORGOT my camera, and so many things were happening where I needed it!! I was so mad at myself!!

Anyway, just wanted to share some pictures that I've taken at moments when I was so happy I had a good camera phone!

I had another ER visit with Matt.  I feel like I'm becoming a pro at this....and not in a good way.  His dang shoulder just doesn't like to stay in place...he'll have to have surgery eventually, so hopefully that will solve the issue later on!
Oh, you know, just a casual "head-butt" from Elwood while I was in the car!

I have so many craft supplies, it's ridiculous.  However, they were all in about 20 different places! I finally bought a big plastic storage container and organized everything and now it's all in one spot!

I've been to a few Flying Squirrels games with Mom and Papa...I love going!!....

...and I love getting Dippin' Dots!!

Abby came home Labor Day weekend and we went to the river.  We attempted fishing, but the only thing Abby caught was Papa's hat after it blew off!!

I also learned that Abby sleeps like a starfish...

I bought these new running shoes and I LOVE them!  They're from Roadrunner Sports in Carytown.  They employees there were extremely nice and helpful and you could actually tell that they knew what they were talking about (that's very reassuring these days!).  And those bright orange socks--those were free!! While we were standing in line, Mom pulled up the store's Facebook page and it said, "mention this post and get a free pair of socks!" So we both got a pair...they're originally $15!!

Matt's a Longwood Student Blogger now!! Yay!! I'm very excited to keep reading his blogs throughout the year!  And you may or may not be able to tell in this pic, but that group shot at the top of the page, I'm on the left!! haha! They haven't changed the picture from last year's Student Bloggers yet! lol 

The next time Matt was home, we were back at the river! He caught this Red Drum while we were fishing off the pier.  Unfortunately, it wasn't long enough to keep. However, the fish had swallowed the hook and everything, so his head had to be chopped off anyway...

Last Thursday, I rode down to Longwood with Matt's parents for his Senior Convocation!! Matt's little, Dani, and I decorated Matt's cap and we were SO excited for him to see it!! :)

This is Matt's little, Dani!!
 **If you haven't seen it already, check out this video Matt took of me "capping" him at Convocation!!**
Last Friday night was Men's Walk, for all of the new members of the fraternities to join their brothers.  Walk is such an awesome Longwood tradition, and I was very glad I was able to be there for this event!

After Walk was Rock the Block.  It's basically a big block party for Longwood students and the Farmville community to come to.  This picture was taken from the window in Matt's living room of his apartment.  The street behind the stage is Main Street, which runs right through Farmville, for those of you who might be trying to figure out what you're looking at!

After all of the concerts, prize drawings, booths, food, novelties, etc., there's a great fireworks show! I love this picture I took of Matt while he was taking a video of the fireworks!!
 **Want to see the video he took?? Check that out here!**

Last Saturday was Matt's family reunion! First of all, I couldn't believe this was the 6th time I had been to his family reunion!!  Anyway, we had a cookout lunch (& dinner!!) at his grandparent's house, and there was a lot of cornhole playing, chatting, picture taking, and the cousins played football! (I intended on posting a picture of that too, but all my pics ended up too blurry.. :(  )  But, I have to say, my favorite part is what we do later Saturday night.  We go to KRISPY KREME!!!! It's so much fun being there with everyone :)

Monday night, I attempted another Pinterest find.  I made these little taco bites and they turned out so well!! They were quite delicious, if I do say so myself!  And if I learned anything from this, it's where you can find won tons in the grocery store!! haha

...and this was after I added my toppings on!! Mmmmmm!!
Well, that's all I have to share for today!! Hope you liked some of these pictures! :)

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