Monday, September 24, 2012

Nail Polish!

Everyone collects something right? I seem to collect a lot of things.....old/cool coins, pressed pennies from different travels, and apparently nail polish!  I don't care who you are, you can't have too much nail polish! However, you CAN have too many shades of pink (in my opinion).  I didn't even realize I had so many pink nail polish bottles until recently.
One night last week, I decided to go through all my nailpolish.  Now, lemme tell you, I'm pretty sure this is something I've NEVER done before. haha! Needless to say, I found some pretty amusing things.

This is just *some* of the nail polish I ended up throwing away!  It was all either completely dried up, super goopy or......... old that when I took the top off, the brush part was left stuck in the dried up nail polish! haha
 This was my "keep" pile.....which later grew when I remembered the "overflow" location of bottles of nail polish that couldn't fit in my green container!
 I found a whole set of these little bottles that I don't even remember getting!
I don't know why I thought putting my nail polish away very neatly was a good idea.  It's just going to all get messed up once I decide to use a color that's conveniently on the bottom!!

 Besides those little bottles in a previous picture, I can pretty much remember where all of my nail polish is from.  For instance, these two I bought at the State Fair.  I was thrilled to get these two colors years and years and years ago!!

 I also loved these three colors SO much.  Unfortunately, they ended up in the trash can afterwards :(

I would love to add some Essie nail polish to my collection, but being the cheapskate that I am, I'm not sure that'll be happening anytime soon!

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Lori Vann said...

I love that you have polish named Lori Anne! That's my name (minus the "e").

There are a couple of cute ideas on pinterest for how to store it all!