Friday, September 21, 2012

Pin It Friday!!

Say whaaaaaaaaat? Pin It Friday? YEAH! I haven't done one of these blog posts in soooo long, and I'm excited to share 5 new pins with you this week!!!

 from my mind = blown board:
I remember the exact moment when I realized this!! Abby and I were spending the night at Ganny & Papa's house, and Ganny was in the living room with us watching TV.  All of sudden, I sat up on the sofa and said, "THAT'S A 'D'!" Ganny said, "well, yes it is." Then I said, "I always thought it was just some weird thing that Walt Disney liked to write, or some symbol that was supposed to represent something. But NOW, I see that it's a 'D'!!" haha
 from my things I want board:
The words on these shirts only show up when you've sweat enough for the text to come through! I so want!!!
 from my food & drink board:
This soup is soooo good!  While I've never actually ordered my own serving of it, I almost managed to take a bite out of Matt's ;)
 from my the most wonderful time of the year board:
I want need this to add to my Christmas shirt collection!
 finally, from my quotes board:

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