Monday, November 11, 2013

Baby Brayden

I have been looking forward to taking these pictures so much!! Last weekend, I got to go and meet little Brayden, when he was about two weeks old! I couldn't believe how tiny and precious he was!

Brayden's mom, Krystina, and I have been talking back and forth since last Spring! She first asked me to take her maternity pictures, so I met with her and Stephen over the summer down near Belle Isle! Now, it has occurred to me that I never shared those pictures, so I'll start with a couple of those before the rest of the sweet pictures from last weekend!

Now, time to meet Baby Brayden! We first went to Krystina's parent's house to take pictures! 
Would you just look at this cute little ear of corn!!
When Krystina and her brother were younger, Krystina was a farmer for Halloween and she pulled her brother around in a wagon dressed as the same ear of corn!  I love that they wanted to take these pictures that have a special meaning for their family!

Then we went back to their house for more pictures!

Both of these blankets were made by important people in their lives, so they definitely wanted pictures of Brayden wrapped up in them :)

Brayden with his "siblings." ha :)

Remember this outfit?? They used it in their maternity pictures and it was his coming home outfit!

Seriously, could he be any sweeter??

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