Wednesday, November 13, 2013

This Week I Love

Time for another post of things I love this week!  I have to admit, it was hard to not write several food related things, or several Christmas related things....Not there's anything wrong with those, I just didn't want all ten things to be food related {at least for now! haha}.

1. Hot Chocolate! I've always enjoyed a nice cup love having a Keurig?} of Hot Chocolate, but I had really been looking forward to having some once we were into Fall. However, with unusually warm weather we've had, I never felt like drinking it.  But, one day last week, I was doing some stuff around the house, and just decided it was time to have some! I put in one of the Swiss Miss K-Cups I got for my birthday, and had it within seconds! {Can I just say how much I

2. Dancing with the Stars! I am really enjoying this season! There are so many of the couples that I like on the show, that it's usually so sad to see who is voted off! One of my all-time favorite dances from this season
was when Elizabeth Berkley Lauren danced to "I'm So Excited." If you missed it, or didn't catch the reference she made, watch this clip, and then watch this one.  As you can see....I started writing this blog while watching DWTS the other night.  Which means, yes, it took me 3 days to finish this and post it. haha.

3. The Target Cartwheel App! If you find yourself at Target at least once a week {or two times...or three times...}, I highly recommend getting this app! There are always a variety of coupons to use, from clothes, to groceries, to holiday decorations. Plus, I really love the fact that I can use these coupons on top of a sale price!

4. Wearing scarves! I'll take warm weather any day over cool weather, however, I do love wearing scarves throughout the Fall and Winter months. I think it's time I start buying more Christmasy ones though...

5. My chalkboard! I don't want to go into too much detail about it now, because I'm still planning to do a whole post on how I made my chalkboard.

6. Glitter! I've always like anything glittery and sparkly, but lately, I've been loving everything glittery! It's probably because glitter is "not allowed" in the house, which makes me want glittery things even more. haha

I will say, I can actually understand why glitter isn't "allowed" in our house.....because there's this one shirt I have that has sparkly sequin-type things on it, and we find these sequins EVERYWHERE: on the floor....on the kitchen Matt's car....stuck on one of my shoes....oh, you name it, it probably has or has had a sequin on it!

7. Green apples and peanut butter! My goodness, this has become my favorite snack lately! I eat it every day at work and I look forward to it so much. Okay, now that I've typed that out, it sounds kind of sad, actually. haha.

8. Christmas decorations! Yep, we've been buying them. We went to the store on Saturday ONLY to buy chalk, and came home with a box of chalk AND Christmas decorations! AND we may or may not have Christmas lights up in the house....Well, just see for yourself:

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