Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Our House: The Man Cave

The Matt Man Cave is, what I consider to be, the first mostly finished room in the house. There are still plenty of things Matt would like to add to his room {and many that we are still hoping to add to the rest of the house!}, but his was the first room we painted, the second we bought furniture for {our first was our den furniture set}, and is really coming together the way Matt wants it.

Let me go off on a little tangent right now and say that I ended up HATING when we would describe our house to people, and when we'd mention the man cave, they'd interrupt and ask Matt, "you mean she's letting you have a man cave?"  Um, what's with all this "me letting him" have it? I'm fine with the fact that he has his own room to decorate how he wants and make it really him.  I also have my own room upstairs {which is much further from being finished}, so we both get our own space to decorate.  Okay, that's all of my ranting for now.

First, here are some pictures from when painted his room, which was actually a few months back in July! haha

Matt really likes the look of antique furniture and old things, so that was the look he was going for. He already had a few of the pieces of furniture picked out.  The desk he already had been given from his grandparents, and then later he received the old vanity from them--you'll see pictures below, of course.  On one of our trips to IKEA, Matt miraculously made these two large boxes containing two leather chairs fit in the back of his truck, because they really were the perfect addition to his room.  I even agree, haha.  Mostly everything else has been picked up from thrift stores, antique stores, and yard sales.

This is the vanity that Matt is turning into a bar.  He has already lined the bottom of all the cabinets and the drawers.

I actually found this cigar box for Matt during one of our recent trips to Farmville {and by recent, I mean when we moved my sister in back in August, haha}.  Of the few cigar boxes they had, I couldn't believe I found one with Richmond on it!

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