Monday, November 25, 2013

Sunday Date Night

Yesterday, we finally went on our date night that we've been planning for months, and I really mean for months! Ever since we found out the actual release date of Catching Fire, Matt said we'd go see it at Cinébistro {yay!}.

Now, for tickets at Cinébistro, they usually don't post the movie times and allow you to buy tickets for anything other than what's playing for that week or so. However, On October 23rd, for some reason I happened to jump ahead to November, just to see if they happened to already have the times for Catching Fire up...and they did! I immediately called Matt and asked if I could go ahead and buy the tickets 1) before they sold out, and 2) because our favorite seats on the end of the third row were still open! So, we've had our printout confirmation of the tickets hanging on the side of the fridge for a month making us more and more anxious and excited about seeing it!

I'm definitely not going into a full movie review at this time, because the movie just came out and I know so many people still have not seen
it--especially Mom and Abby, who I know are reading this and are seeing it in a couple days and would be upset if I spoiled it for them!!  But for now, here are a couple pictures of our evening at the movies for you!
First of all, here is the countdown we had on our chalkboard all week...


We also signed up for the Cinébistro Club Card as soon as got there, and once you register your card, you get a coupon for a free popcorn! Awesome!

At this point, would you honestly expect anything different for my meal??

Matt's shrimp and grits:

Afterwards, we got to see the Christmas tree all lit up as we walked back to the car!
Too bad I didn't realize then what I blurry picture I had taken...

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